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The Best Houseplants for Beginners

In this article, I will guide you about houseplants to start your collection. They all are easy to grow and maintain during uneven or bad light and fluctuating temperatures. Here at Desert Horizon Nursery, you can get the best collection of Plants for your Plant nursery or Household beauty. 

Golden Photos Vine – They are very popular hanging plants that everyone wants to have. While having a native habitat, golden pathos grows with huge green and yellow leaves. As a homeowner, it will grow aggressively from trailing basket with minimal care. Desert Horizon Nursery they will easily root in a simple glass of water you can also go for spider plants for your house that will grow easily in the basket or stop the column with the arching leaves.


Snake Plants are commonly known as Mother in laws tongue – that is available in different types but they are exceptionally tough. They like plenty of light but don’t have any particular need for watering. They also thrive in an office environment. The snake plants feature green bands on the sword-like leaves but in the case of a mother in law tongue, it has yellow leaf grains. Dracaena Species. You can experience different types in Dracaena species that are more suitable for your home growth. They are wonderfully easy plants that can tolerate a variety of conditions. These plants feature arching leaves from the woody stem. They can be yellow, green or even tri-colored. 

Succulents and cacti. They are available in dozens of varieties with thick flashy leaves some of them have spines and some have none. Most of the types have interesting leaf structures like barrels, paddles, and columns. They are slow-growing but do their best with bright light, well-drained pots, and little water.

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